Oh I ruined it

Now it’s 59 posts and 58 followers :<

Oh well. Sorry we haven’t been on. You should all know the reasons why all OWE artists have been lying low lately. Yeah….that’s all for now~

Text Confession

Now that we’ve seen Ghun with his shirt off….I want to see the rest of X-5 like that ;3


Don’t forget that we’ve seen Haewon shirtless :3

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ghungyu whispered,

Could you credit my gif please ? (Ghun's abs) Thanks :)

Oh you made that one? Sure, sure I’ll add a credit~ (I did a google search LOL)


Text Confession

I want to see more Shinhwa Junjin and OWE artist interactions, considering he is sort of part of the OWE family.

Text Confession

I want to see X-5/TheBOSS interactions with SHINHWA’s JunJin, considering they are in the same agency.


The ask box is feeling hungry…XP

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